By P-Dub on 29 July 2011

For the past decade SEVIN, a native of Sacramento, California’s capitol city, has been regarded as one of the most prolific and controversial artists of his time. His ties to the street culture along with his spiritual aptitude create the perfect storm of authenticity, integrity and heart-felt passion that eludes many artists in the industry today. SEVIN has chosen to be different. While most artists are promoting lifestyles that are driving millions of youth into an early grave, SEVIN has pledged to use his talent to encourage our society, artist and consumer alike, to be more than just shallow shells of flesh willing to do “anything” to “get it”.  Instead, SEVIN uses his story and experience to speak about real issues that affect our daily lives from a perspective that can relate to people in all walks of life.

After a life scared by battles with poverty, rage, greed, alcoholism, drug addiction, and stress induced mental breakdowns, SEVIN has been redeemed and has emerged sharper, wiser, and more inspired than ever before. He has returned to the studio to begin his latest masterpiece, “Finally Home”, which promises to be his most personal and uncompromising work to date. This record will raise the standard for any artist in the game that claims to be “keeping it real.” With the state of the world in utter chaos, society is rapidly growing weary with watered down music that has absolutely no substance or applicable content. People want hope. People need faith. SEVIN is just ahead of the curve. As an artist, SEVIN prides himself in being one of the very few artists left who have not forgotten their responsibility to use their God-given talents for the greatest good: the inspiration, education, and elevation of his people.

SEVIN began rapping in 1999 at age 18 and has traveled the world and worked with some of the biggest artists in music today. Aside from his incredible skill in rap music, SEVIN is also a song writer, track composer, public speaker, and founder/leader of “HOG MOB”, an organization operating in 40 different cities and 3 different countries. HOG MOB spiritually encourages and physically helps people endure the trials and tribulations we all face in this unforgiving world. “You are incredibly talented and there is no doubt in my mind you could be very successful in this business; just do me one favor, don’t be afraid to be a genius. I told PAC the same thing, and you remind me of him a lot.” These are the words spoken to SEVIN by Mr. Quincy Jones at a dinner meeting they had a couple years ago. These are also the words that have guided, convicted, and motivated SEVIN ever since.

Thank you for your valuable time and we look forward to working with you. God Bless.

HOG MOB is an organized urban ministry that was founded in 2001 by rap artist “Sevin” in Sacramento, CA. HOG MOB has since grown to over 40 cities in the U.S. as well as 5 different countries.

Due to some album cover issues with The NEW album “PURPLE REIGN” Sevin has decided to release Finally home volume 2 for FREE now and later will release Purple Reign.

Please make sure after you download the album for free that we spread the word and get as many people as we can to download this awesome work.

As soon as you download the cd…please copy and paste the following on facebook and Twitter and send it out!!!…

for twitter:   I just downloaded Sevin’s new cd “COMING HOME” vol 2 Free from @westcoastfiya @sevinhogmob

for facebook:  I just downloaded Sevin’s new cd “COMING HOME” vol 2 Free from also visit


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